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This is a page about me, the Jesus Jones fan and webmaster of this site ! Feel free to contact me via the feedback form.



This page is run by me, Elaine Hamilton. This page is unofficial, though I will try to get the odd bit from the odd band member, cos they are very odd :-) and Mike, Iain and Tony do know about this page - the first two have signed my Guestbook.....Fan contributions welcome too - Use my feedback form.

I've been a fan of JJ ever since a friend loaned me a taped copy of Doubt when I was in 4th Year at school. Thats how long ago it was! I really liked Right Here Right Now when it was out and I remembered IBYT from the Top of the Pops and remember thinking that their lead singer should eat something!

I am addicted to American Football - Tennessee Titans - horse racing and riding and the gym - mainly bodycombat, bodypump and yoga. I "work" with UNIX and storage servers, last time I checked.

On the internet, I can be found on espn sportzone, footballguys.com, Tennessee sites,...ooh, and jesusjones.com..:-)

I enjoy doing different things, some pics below and my cat Katie.



Katie cat
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