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Questions ?

I'd like to keep the FAQ constantly updating, so give me a shout if you have any ideas to add !



Who ?

? Q.Who is in the band?

Jesus Jones Group Pic

Jerry, Iain, Mike, Tony and Alan.


Full name - Michael James Edwards Born - 22/6/64 in City of London Brothers/Sisters - Younger brother Tom. And he does what? - Lead vocals, lead guitar, sampling, all song writing, some production, artwork and most interviews. Pre - JJ - Dole cheque writer, builders labourer, mechanic, council promotions worker.Height - 6'2" "and a bit "Shoe size - 10 Odds 'n Ends - Daughters Hana and Sadie. Long term girlfriend. Currently - Oojah, SheSongs projects, other songwriting ventures and mountain biking journalism.


Full name - Jerry Simon de Abela Borg Born - 30/10/60 in Kentish Town, London Brothers/sisters - older sister Jan, younger brother Nigel And he does what? - guitar, backing vocals Pre - JJ - Artist with a greeting cards firm, with HMV painting largesize lp covers, designed some record covers. Height - 5'11"Shoe size - 9, Lives with Jo. Currently - doing artwork, props etc for the BBC.


Full name - Alan Leon Jaworski Born - 31/1/66 in Plymouth Brothers/sisters - no. And he does what? - Bass guitar, backing vocals.Pre - JJ - ?Height - 6'1", Married to Patricia. Currently - Member of the Waco Brother band in Chicago where he now lives.


Full name - Iain Richard Foxwell Baker Born - 29/9/65 in Carshalton, Surrey. Brothers/sisters - Joanne. Married. And he does what? - Keyboard playing. Pre - JJ - record shop assistant, head at Rough Trade Shop, Manager Slam City Skates.Height - 5'11"Shoe Size - 10 1/2 Married to Chris. Currently - Dj for XFM in London.


Full name - Anthony Arthy Born - 12/02/76 in Whitehaven on the coast of Cumbria Brothers/Sisters - Younger sister Jane, works as a Press Assistant at
Warner Music Does what - Plays drums, looks after Jerry. Pre - JJ - Worked at Tower Records and some record promotion companies. Height - 5'11 Shoe size - 9, Long term girlfriend. Currently - working for a skate/surf wear company.



Full name - Darren the Dat Player - 10/10/1998 in London. Brothers/Sisters - lots all around the world now. Does what - anything you ask. A real trouper. Steps into the breach when Iain can't tour. Pre-JJ - Lived in Korea for a while in his formative years. Height - 20cm Shoe size - Bravely goes barefoot everywhere.

? Q.Who decides on what gets released as a single?

A."'We're going to release X. OK ?' Actually, it's not quite that draconian but the company listens to the single and decides, on the basis of it's expertise, which song they can most likely help to be a hit. As long as the band and management don't disagree enough to obstruct it, that's the song that gets released."(Mike)

? Q.Who has done covers of JJ songs?

A.Diesel Park West did "Info Freako" on the Food Xmas EP, and Vic Reeves did "IBYT" on his TV show.

? Q.Who produced their albums?

A. Liquidizer - Craig Leon, Doubt - Mike, Martyn Phillips did RHRN, Andy Ross did I'm Burning, Perverse - Warne Livesey and Already - Martyn Phillips, London - Michael King, Ted Mason, Mike.

? Q.Who does the official JJ site?

A. Mike does the content and graphics along with friends.

? Q.Who is Wiff?

A. A JJ roadie who drummed for them on their '96 UK tour after Gen left. (See where for "Where is Gen?")

? Q.Who are Satan Smith?

A. Noone knows. They are supposedly a band who do hardcore covers of JJ songs, but noone seems to know any more, including the band themselves.

? Q.Who is David Balfe?

A.Ex-Head honcho of Food records who Mike mentions from time to time. TEMBBTSOJJ - "The Evil Mr Big Behind The Success of Jesus Jones" according to Mike. Now with Columbia Records.

? Q.Who is on Magazine?

A.Loads of really nice people who spend too much of their time talking and analysing all things to do with JJ. Jason is the list manager and he will let you know details of the number of people online etc. Mainly in the UK, North America and Australia. Mike is on magazine sometimes(write to him c/o contact@jesusjones.com), as is Iain. Magazine has lots of regular subscribers with a steady flow of people coming in and out. Previous subscribers have came from New Zealand, Turkey, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ireland and Israel.

Join the mailing list by sending an email with subscribe in the header and subject body to magazine4-request@zao.net Further correspondence to magazine4@zao.net

? Q.Who are Jesus H Jones and Barry D?

A.Jesus H Jones was Mikes alias cos he thought his own name was too boring. The 'H' didn't stand for anything. On record Jesus H Jones became Mike Edwards on the 9/89 UK single Bring it on Down, though strangely enough it was back to JHJ for Liq. a month later. A year later and Record Mirror were calling him anything he told them.......(and you wonder how they no longer exist)Barry D was Iains alias and is short for Barry Dog(g) cos he reckoned Barry was a crap name for a dog.

? Q.Who is Traci Lords?

A.An ex-porn star who has turned singer. Mike worked with her and wrote the music and produced three of her songs on her album' 1,000 Fires', on Radioactive Records. They were 'Distant Land', 'Say Something' and 'Okey Dokey'. He also produced 'Fly' on the album.

? Q.Who is the "desperation girl" in "Song 13"?

A. There isn't one. Its about a fixation on the mythical.

? Q.Who is Hotei?

A. A Japanese guy who Mike has worked with previously on a song called "Electric Warriors" which appeared on Hotei's "Guitar Rhythm III "album. (Its techno in a "Prodigy" sort of way). A song written by Mike, called " Together" is a collaboration with Hotei. A JJ sung version is a B side on NBT and an album track on the Japanese "Already" album, while Hotei has a version as a B side on one of his singles.

? Who was Yoshi?

A. Another Mike other project. He was the guitarist in the band. Now defunct.

? Who are mi5 Recordings?

A. The record label that JJ are currently signed to. They are based in New York and the new album "London" is through them and Koch Recordings.

? Who is Ted Mason?

A. Head of mi5 Records.

? Who is Tony?

A. The new drummer. aka Tone, Baby Jesus.

? Who are Sum Demeana?

A. Jerry and Tonys' other band. Now defunct.

? Who are the Waco Brothers ?

A. Alans other band. A country one.

Q. Who are SHEsongs ?

Mike has a few other projects on the go under the www.flingflang.co.uk banner. This is one. Check out flingflang for more information.

Q. Who are Oojah. ?

Mike has a few other projects on the go under the www.flingflang.co.uk banner. This is one. Check out flingflang for more information.

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