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Tony Inteview on leaving JJ

Matt: Looking back on your time in jesus jones, heres some questions!
Matt: Any future projects?
Tony: Taking a break for a bit. No other projects on the horizon.
Matt: What were your favourate songs to perform live?
Tony: Favourite songs were always info and idiot but I liked playing everything really. Learning all of Liquidiser was cool last year. Real World that i haven't done before especially. I will never forget idiot though, one of the best tunes ever.
Matt: Was there any songs you wish you had played but never got the chance to?
Tony: I think the only song that I always wanted to play but it never happened was Your Crusade for Perverse. That tune kicks ass. Maybe if there's a Perverse album show in the future I could come back and play that one.
Matt: From the admittedly few jj gigs Ive seen, there seems to be little of Already, Culture Vulture and the song 'come on home'. Why is this?
Tony: We did play chemical number 1 for quite a while. But less people have already than other albums so we replaced it. I adore The Next Big Thing and we did play that once at the marquee show we did for the DVD ages ago. It's very slow though so hard to get right. We played Come on  Home that same night too.
Matt: What are your favourate memories of being in jj?
Tony: Favourite memories...there are too many. First gig at Arlene's in New York the week after joining band. First uk tour around the Greatest Hits, The massive US Tour in a tiny van, Sonic mania festival in Japan, supporting the Wonder Stuff at wolves civic, Glasgow barrowlands, Birmingham academy and sheps bush empire each time, the Australian tour 2 years back especially the Sydney Enmore Theatre night, and the friendships with the guys in the band and all the random fun we has through that. That's some of the best memories.
Matt: Thanks for your time and have a nice christmas, and I wish you well for the future.
Tony: Thanks man, you too!
Matt Barker
Matt Barker looks after the JJ Myspace page.

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